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Read before buying from American federal auto


Beware of these so called business people. It's actually amazing they are still in business.

Here are some fun facts

They use to own a mobile home sales lot a few years back in washington, utah and Haily use to own a "finance" type deal (peritus financial services) bogus company basically!!. In another state they took down payments and then told customers sorry but you don't qualify and kept down payments. Among other devious scams!!! They worked under multiple names. Want proof ? I have posted links below along with my experience! Copy and paste or you could look up devon s howard the father of chris and hailey and sort through the endless pages of bad things.Feel free to use these to your advantage and contact me !!!! Also I believe a Mr Brock henning was involved and he owns a mobile home sales in summerville. So beware there may be more scams out there they are running I'm sure they are do your research wish I had done mine before hand but I'm not done and I will not stop

# your welcome

PS : wana know why they have 4 stars look at the good reviews they are mostly FAKE! They also wrote one themselves

Here is the short of my experience

I test drove a truck while on that test drive I noticed it had an issue with taking off the salesman told me that it was because the truck was a 2500 series and assured me the truck was fine. I felt like it could be a trans problem so i asked Chris he said he he had driven the vehicle himself and it was perfectly fine. and so did his dad. I went to leave off the lot to head over to the north Chas to finish some paper work and before I left the check engine light came on I walked back inside and told him he said if anything was wrong they would fix it, got to North Chas the shop said it was fine and that the light was on because something was loose. I left and two min after pulling out light was back on I went to auto zone for a free check and they told me it was a trans issue hmmm why did auto zone pull it up and they didn't I wonder why ?

So I take it back they say it will be $500 to fix, I told him I was not paying that because they had misrepresented the truck in everyway possible and lied to me.

We ended up coming to an agreement after threatening to take them to court and calling live 5 and a few other convos that I would not be responsible for paying the $500.

And that is the very short version!!!!

Well to bring you up to speed they are now taking money from me saying I didn't make payments when I did and have the bank info to prove it !!!!

Can't argue with facts, the most recent time was today ! I had 3 payments for February, I paid the first one and then the other 2 at the same time. Today I call to make a payment they say I still owe for February and its March.

Hmmm would they not have cut my vehicle off if this were true ? Only a 4 day grace period !!! I have the records to prove I made those payments yet they still want to act as if I'm the one who is in the wrong when they are stealing from me!!!!

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1249848

Please email me. They took my keys during a trade inspection and refused to return the key when we offered to make payment.

They chose te repossess my car because I guess screwing me over was more fun than returning my key and receiving my payment for the pos car thet sold me which left me stranded at least 5 times in 10 months.

Jennifer Ross

to Anonymous Ladson, South Carolina, United States #1271691

Someone is working on a class action law suit. Please file complaints with other state and local agencies this company and their business practices need to be brought to light.

Villa Rica, Georgia, United States #1191878

They are a scam. Plus if you're an LLC, you don't have a CEO.

They're so dumb. I bought a 2006 vw beetle frm american Federal auto in march with Chris Howard.Multiple issues were wrong with the car & was given the run around about fixing the car due to the fact that the car shop was moving to the new location in Summerville. I did a contact for $750 down & deferred payments of 118.75 for 4 months which was supposed to be a total of 1750 down on the car. Then, Hailey said I had to put another $1000 because of tax tags, & title.

No tax tags & title are ever $1000. So, I told them to just come get the car & i would let them know when I got my belongings. They came before that, which was yesterday & I needed my tag off the car. I just bought a 2015 vw beetle convertible and tax tags and title was $346.

Long story short, when I came to get my things a man came outside & started cursing me out & telling me to get the f*** off my lot *** & I recorded the whole scene on one phone with my attorney on the other phone. This company has been ran out of multiple states for g their scams & being unprofessional including changing contracts & even a mobile home service.

I would never recommend them to anyone. See y'all in court.

to Anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1255858

Please email me. There are a few people who want to sue but we all need to team up so we can get a lawyer to take the case to get these thieves out of the business.

to Anonymous #1380873

Can I have someone number I'm calling a lawyer today it's been one problem after the next with this piece of trash car

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